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Discovery Through Implementation

An implemented DAM is the culmination of many decisions; Childs Company can lead you through any or all parts of the process. Areas of expertise include discovery, design,  and implementation. I work with you to assess where your organization is now and where you want to go, then put that all together to create effective metadata, workflows, processes, governance, and metrics. I can also help you select a DAM provider, implement and test the system, and train your staff.

“I wish more organizations looking for DAM would engage with a qualified consultant like Ann during their discovery phase. We benefit tremendously from being able to work with a potential end-user customer who has a really good grasp of what’s important.”
— Chris Rewey, Advisor Team Lead, Widen Enterprises Inc.

Best Friends Animal Society (BFAS), 2016-2017  

DAM Platform:  Widen Collective

“The mission of Best Friends Animal Society is to bring about a time when there are No More Homeless Pets. We do this by helping end the killing in America's animal shelters through building community programs and partnerships all across the nation. We believe that by working together we can Save Them All.”  Best Friends Mission Statement.

The resulting DAM that supports this mission is media rich. Vibrant photography and videos actively promote animal adoptions. Web, social, and a wide range of advertising and collateral support programs, events, and initiatives for the Sanctuary, branch locations, and small shelters across the United States.

Ann led a core team through discovery, metadata creation, workflows, processes and other governance components.  She managed an extensive vendor vetting process, from discovery through demos, scorecarding, proof of concept, and pricing.  To launch.

Ann was instrumental in getting us started and on the right path to a successful launch of our DAM. Her knowledge on the subject was very beneficial every step of the way. The road to DAM is full of twists and turns and without a guide it is very easy to get lost. Ann really helped to lead us to success. Today we have an amazing system and I truly believe it wouldn’t be what it is, and what it will be, if not for her expertise.
— Michael Hand Senior Manager of Imagery, Best Friends Animal Society

Symantec Digital Library,  Symantec Corporation, 2001-2003  

DAM Platform:  Getty Images Media Manager

Symantec grew to the $1B mark and created Global Marketing.  Obvious immediately: the need for a single, central, first-ever DAM to distribute comprehensive, consistent, brand- and legal compliant assets across all groups and regions worldwide. 

Ann lead a cross-functional team through every phase to launch:  discovery, design and development, vendor search, selection, and contracts, and the migration, implementation, and launch with Getty Images.  She then created training materials and trained all users, and has remainedas administrator and librarian until this day.

We grew exponentially through acquisitions and global expansion. Launching a DAM was mission critical to delivering assets globally, fast and economically; we also needed to track assets from acquired companies for impending and future legal concerns. Ann is a very quick study; she understood business issues, complex internal relations, then moved quickly to solutions and implementation. We met our ROI in three years, saving an estimated $3,000,000 in direct expense and staff time. I’d say it was worth it!
— Diane E. Beaudet, Senior Director, Enterprise Global Marketing, Symantec

Webroot Digital Library, Webroot, Inc., 2010-2011

DAM Platform:  Widen Collective

Webroot had developed a homegrown repository for storing company assets. It could no long be supported by in-house IT and a new solution needed to be found.  Ann led discovery, metadata, workflow, process and governance designs, and vendor vetting with a small Marketing Communications group. 

File and metadata coordination, migration, configuration, and launch with Widen Collective followed.  Ann produced training materials, and registered, welcomed and trained all the new users in Webroot’s first-ever DAM.  She then managed the library  going forward.

With Webroot’s aggressive growth plans, we rapidly accelerated the production of marketing programs, assets and content across multiple functions and spanning our offices globally. The problem we had to fix quickly was how to make all our content easy to manage, access and provision centrally. Ann was invaluable in the entire process and implementation. Her experience and knowledge meant we were able to move very quickly – from clarifying our needs, identifying and integrating stakeholders, and then building out a digital asset management system that allowed us to move from a high-friction set of processes to a single streamlined process. Ann has been a vital partner in Webroot’s ability to drive productivity, efficiency and open up capacity. Our new asset management system has fundamentally changed the effectiveness of our sales and marketing teams and Ann was an instrumental partner in the success of the program.
— Jean Chapin, Marketing Director